Sunday, October 14, 2007

Casey Stoner. Well done!

Casey Stoner smoked Phillip Island.

Check out the story and great photos on this link:

Talk about a challenging career!


Saturday, September 01, 2007

APEC Coming To Sydney.

Well, there sure has been a lot of hype here in Sydney with the coming of APEC.

I think it is 23 great leaders from 23 great countries.

This is, but all we are hearing about is the arrival of George Bush. It would be great if the media would be able to enlighten the citizens of Australia a bit more on who the other leaders are that are attending the APEC and what are their goals and purposes for handling this georgeous water planet that we live on.

It seems that there are quite a few issues that are being addressed and with the survival of our future generation let's hope these these great leaders are able to look further than their pockets and immediate "financial crisises" and are willing to invest some beans into the future and future generation of this planet.

Global Warming. Well of course, the way to happiness is taking care of your own back yard. Some of these profit mongering industrial pollution chemical waste exploitaires must feel for some reason that they don't have to be here for the mess that has to be cleaned up in 50 years time, so who gives a hoot if our kids and grand kids have to suck it up?

Well, think again big fellas! You may not think that you have to face the future, but it sure will be funny to see the look of confusion and misemotion on your faces when it just seems a little shaky in your next life time around. Going to heaven? I think not. Too much mess left behing for you to get out of it that easy.

OK! Enough for the heavy talk. I really do believe that we have some social leaders on this planet. And that the intentions of these leaders will push through and bring about a positive result for world peace and planetary preservation. The beautiful City of Sydney sure is a great location for these leaders to get in the frame of mind and see what a beautiful planet this can be.

Oh! I was nearly going to let go but I do also hope that these guys take a really good look at what they are doing to the future sanity of this planet with the Billions that is being backed into the "Mental Health Programs" planet wide. About 300,000 prescriptions for kids under the age of 16 last year in Australia alone. Ritalin, Dex Amphetamine. Come on guys! These are high category drugs. Yes, you are getting awesome revenues from the drug companies, but who are you going to hand your leadership roles over to with such a large member of the future generations drugged for so long.

With such issues to discuss as Biometric Passports Embeded with Microchips, Climate Change, Energy Security and Clean Developement let's pray that the intentions of these great leader are true and honest to the representation of their nations and future generations to come.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation; Enjoy your time in this great city but do treat your responsibilities with the importance that they deserve. This is not a holiday.

That's my say and I would love to hear your comments. So please enjoy the posts that I have to come, with awesome photos of Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and the surrounding Sydney Harbour scapes.

How do I get the best shots? Well! I use rope access .

More tommorrow;

Cheers, Mike King.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

A huge merry christmas for everyone in Sydney.

The best city in the world to be in over Christmas.

Cheers, Mike King.

PS. Don't forget to use your Hangover Cure.

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  • Saturday, February 11, 2006

    Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the best known landmarks world wide. I look forward to publishing some great stories relevant to this location.

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    Cheers, Mike King